French National Institute for Demographic Studies


In 2017, DPRC forged an inter-institutional partnership with the French National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) to further research collaborations and student exchange between the two institutions. Located in Paris, INED is a public research institute that works in partnership with national and international academic and research communities. Comprised of fifty permanent researchers and forty associated researchers who represent multiple social science disciplines—including demography, sociology, economics, anthropology, history, geography, epidemiology and biology—INED conducts research on all aspects of population studies. Most INED researchers are French, a few originate from other European countries, but many speak fluent English and regularly publish in English.

DPRC students travel to Paris to work with INED researchers on ELFE data, the first French multidisciplinary, large scale longitudinal cohort study which follows children from their birth to age twenty. They also make short term visits to utilize Trajectories and Origines (TEO) data, France’s first ever nation-wide survey designed to provide first through third generation immigrant data for French ethnic diversity studies.

M. Giovanna Merli is collaborating with INED colleagues to replicate Merli’s Chinese Immigrants in the North Carolina Research Triangle area among the Chinese community in the Paris metropolitan area.