Duke Population Research Center

The Duke Population Research Center (DPRC) is a dynamic community of population researchers from Duke University's social, biological, mathematical, statistical, health and policy sciences. With a mission to catalyze cutting edge research into the fundamental questions of population well-being, the Center expands the boundaries of demographic investigation and champions the next generation of researchers. DPRC research interests encompass health and well-being over the life course, extend across generations and primate species, and use cutting-edge network analyses to broaden our understanding of population health processes.

As a leader in the collection of innovative data, the Center is a vital resource for both domestic and international population and health research. DPRC has received continuous funding from the Population Dynamics Branch (PDB) of NIH-NICHD and support from the Duke University Provost office since 2010.

Seminar Series


Social Networks & Health 2024
Multilevel Modeling in R Workshop
Health Disparities Workshop 2024