Duke Population Research Center

The Duke Population Research Center (DPRC) is a dynamic community of population researchers from Duke University's social, biological, mathematical, statistical, health and policy sciences. With a mission to catalyze cutting edge research into the fundamental questions of population well-being, the Center expands the boundaries of demographic investigation and champions the next generation of researchers.

The focus of DPRC research is understanding how social, environmental and behavioral factors Get Under the Skin to effect the developmental processes of population health; exploring the relationships between Social Connectedness, Networks and Populations; and identifying Causal Effects to better understand individual behavior at the population level.

As a leader in the collection of innovative data, the Center is a vital resource for both domestic and international population and health research.  DPRC has received continuous funding from the Population Dynamics Branch (PDB) of NIH-NICHD and support from the Duke University Provost office since 2010.

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